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Technical Assistance to Implementation of Law on Water Resources - Registration and Licensing of Ground Water Use, Vietnam

 on globe * The Law on Water Resources (LWR), which provides for innovative and far reaching reforms in the way the water resources of Vietnam are managed, was passed by the National Assembly in May 1998 and came into force in January 1999. Danish support to Implementation of Law on Water Resources was initiated in January 2001 and provides technical assistance to preparation of key legislative documents, within a program that also comprises institutional and human resources development, organisational strengthening and awareness raising on the new approach to management of water resources.

The LWR sets the framework for introduction of Integrated Water Resources Management in Vietnam, and delegates the task of water resources management to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), where the Department of Water Resources and Hydraulic Works Management (DWRHWM) is responsible for the drafting of legislative documents to implement LWR.

GEUS´ technical assistance will assist MARD/DWRHWM to prepare legislation on registration and licensing of groundwater use, and to test the registration and licensing procedures in co-operation with selected provinces.

The objective of the technical assistance is to assist MARD/DWRHWM to develop the legislative and administrative framework for sound management of groundwater resources for sustainable social and economic development.

The immediate objective is to assist MARD/DWRHWM to develop, test and introduce decisions and guidelines on the organisation and procedures for registration and licensing of ground water use at central, river basin and provincial levels.

The work will comprise assistance to DWRHWM in the following activities:
  • Prepare Draft Decision on Registration and Licensing of Ground Water Abstractions
  • Prepare Draft Decision on Licensing (Authorisation) of Drilling Companies
  • Prepare Materials for Regional Workshops for Introduction of the Draft Decision
  • Prepare Database and Management Information System on Ground Water Abstractions operating within DWRHWM and selected Provinces
  • Prepare Training Course in Registration and Licensing
  • Prepare Guidelines on Registration and Licensing
  • Prepare Action Plan for Nation-wide Implementation
  • Revise Decision and prepare Workshops for its Dissemination
  • Prepare Draft National Policy, Strategy and Action Plan for Groundwater Management in Vietnam
  • Prepare Draft Government Decision / Inter-ministerial Circular on Ground Water Management in Vietnam

The project is financed by Danish International Development Assistance, Danida.

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