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Groundwater protection and remediation in Donbass region, Ukraine

Kenya on globe Ukraine* The Chernobyl disaster is not the Ukraine-s only headache. The Donbass region, which is the most heavily industrialised region of the Ukraine, is threatened by huge environmental problems, the main reason being a rise in the water level after uncontrolled closures of deep coal mines in the area. Flooding, gas explosions, growing instability of buildings and extensive contamination of surface and groundwater are examples of the consequences of the closures. GEUS has been in charge of a project, which has forecasted various scenarios as a result of closing down the mines. The forecasts were generated using a computer model developed in connection with the project.

The work was carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Ukraine and the State Geological Information Fund under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the project is funded by DANCEE (Danish Cooperation for Environment in Eastern Europe), Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of the Environment.

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