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Improved management of mineral licenses in Tanzania

Tanzania on globe Tanzania Tanzania has undergone rapid development from being a low-priority country for mineral resources, to a high-priority region, where interest in gold, diamonds, and precious stones is in particular focus for both foreign and national companies. Tanzania's administrative system for mineral licences has difficulty handling this high level of interest, with more than 10,000 licences issued.

In 2002 GEUS completed a project in cooperation with the local authorities in Tanzania, analysing the existing system and mining law and then preparing proposals for a strategy of necessary changes and plans, so that a new cadastral register for mineral licences could subsequently be implemented by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in Tanzania.

The proposals involve plans and specifications for an administrative and technical system to manage the numerous licences, secure the licence holders' rights and obligations, and make it impossible to issue overlapping licences.

The project has been carried out in cooperation with COWI and the local partner, Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre, and has been financed by the Nordic Development Fund.

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