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Groundwater contamination and remediation in Noginsk District, Moscow Region

Moscow on globe Moscow * The share of groundwater in the water supply for Moscow, which presently is about 50%, is expected to increase in the future. The favourable hydrogeological conditions and large groundwater resources in the Noginsk district makes the issue of groundwater protection very important. A large diameter water pipe connecting Noginsk to Moscow is already constructed and there is a large potential source of income for the local authorities from delivery of groundwater to the capital. Therefore an investigation of the environmental conditions in the Noginsk district was actively supported by the local authorities as well as the central authorities in Moscow.

The main results of the project are:
  • 3D computer model for the whole district (1,000 km2) and Database for environmental information
  • Vulnerability and Hot Spots map
  • Identification of new contamination sources
  • Transfer of know-how, computer hardware and software

The project was carried out by GEUS in co-operation with the All-Russian Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (VSEGINGEO), the Environment Modelling Centre from Riga (Latvia) and the Danish company Krüger International Consult A/S.

The project was financed by DANCEE (Danish Cooperation for Environment in Eastern Europe), Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of the Environment and by the Russian environmental authorities.

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