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Building knowledge about water in Mozambique

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In collaboration with Carl Bro A/S, in 2004 GEUS completed the First National Water Development Project in Mozambique; a project aimed at enhancing expertise in the water sector in Mozambique.

Through support from the Nordic Development Fund, the project helped the Southern Regional Water Board (ARA-Sul), which is responsible for hydrology and water quality, reservoir operation, environmental protection, pollution control, etc. in the areas around Maputo.

More specifically, the project helped enhance ARA-Sul´s knowledge, capacity, and financial efficiency so that it can fill its role as an effective and independent body for managing of the area's water resources.

GEUS also gave support within the field of river basin management, which is part of ARA-Sul´s future area of responsibility, and efforts included developing management and monitoring plans, supporting management and training staff.

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