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Environmental Sensitivity Atlas
for Coastal area of Kenya

Kenya on globe Kenya* The coast of Kenya is a golden chain of natural areas with coral reefs, sandy beaches, mangrove forests and rocky shores. A large part of the oil for Europe and the US is transported from the Persian Gulf along the coasts of Kenya, and an oil slip from one of the large tankers could have grave consequences for the environment and commerce along the coast.

A Danish-Kenyan project, KenSea, has produces an environmental sensitivity atlas, which assess the vulnerability of the coast to oil pollution so that the authorities can set priorities for their action against possible pollution. The atlas comprises a report and 16 maps of the entire coastline which show where the coast is sensitive and states where to take first action in the event of an accident.

The assessment of the coasts included the various types of coast and animal life as well as human activity such as fishing and tourism. The project was organised in collaboration with the users and the people who could be affected by pollution, and the work has involved contact to local shipmasters and fishermen as well as volunteers and state organisations.

The KenSea project is led by GEUS with participation by the companies GeoQuest and AquaSim as well as the National Environmental Research Institute of Denmark and the DEPHA organisation from Kenya. The Project is being funded by Danida (Danish International Development Assistance) via the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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See the maps and read the report:
KenSea. Environmental Sensitivity Atlas for Coastal Area of Kenya.

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