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The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) participates in development and implementation of international development projects funded by bilateral and multilateral aid-organisations. As a part of its strategy GEUS prioritise projects within:
  • Sustainable exploitation of water resources
  • Sustainable exploitation of raw materials and minerals
  • Sustainable exploitation of energy resources
  • Sustainable exploitation of coastal zones and environmental development

The world map above provides an overview of development projects, which GEUS has executed. Below is provided a more detailed presentation of selected projects:

GEUS in brief
Read about mission and functions, organisation and resources.

GEUS activities and expertise
Read about our activities, solid expertise and know-how gained through over one hundred years of experience with geoscience research and advisory tasks within our main working areas:

For yderligere information - venligst kontakt:
John Tychsen
Director, Development projects
Phone 38 14 21 52
E-mail: jt@geus.dk

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