Zip creation and download functionality implemented

Zip file creation has been implemented for intrusion and gmom pdf files. the interface design has been upgraded and intrusion / gmom selection implemented. (tch)

Mineral occurence map
Mineral occurence map iconDownload as pdf file (XX Mbyte)

Fiels use of map

The Greenland Mineral Resources Portal is an entry point to all available information about mineral resources in Greenland. It gives mineral exploration companies, scientists and other interested parties access to data, reports, maps and scientific background information about Greenlandic Geology.

Create an integrated Greenland mineral map. Choose the area and information of interest: geology, topography, geophysical data, geochemistry, commodities and public domain reports. Download zip-file with data and publications resulting from your searches. Or, go hunting at the Ujarassiorit Public Mineral Hunt, a database with descriptions from the annual Greenlandic mineral Hunt.


Available themes:
- GMOM – Mineral Occurrence Map
- DODEX – Documents and data
- Intrusions and magmatic complexes
- Stream sediment Geochemistry
- (Litho geochemistry)
- Airborne Geophysical Surveys
- Company Report
- GEUS survey publications

- Ujarassiorit public mineral hunt

Are you interested in the geology or the data from a specific area.

For detailed information go to geo scientific and license databases to get in-depth answers to your questions.